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Snow Cast


Young Elsa – Kinley West

Young Anna – Evelyn Chien

Anna – Elyse Brown

Elsa – Lia Painter

Olaf – Abby White

Fri April 26th - 7:00pm
Sat April 27th - 2:00pm
Sat May 4th - 7:00pm

Ice Cast

Young Elsa – Celeste Layton

Young Anna – Crista Krahn

Anna – Lyla Magnus

Elsa – Adelaide Layton

Olaf – Annika Nicolle

Sat April 27th - 7:00pm
Fri May 3rd - 7:00pm
Sat May 4th - 2:00pm
*Only doubled casted roles are listed - all other roles remain the same for each show
Ticket Pricing:

VIP Seats:  $25.00 - Upgraded cushion chairs in the 1st two rows. A snack served to you by one of our wonderful actors, and skip the line VIP service!
Floor Seats: $18.00
Bleacher Seats: $16.00


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